8:30 AM Registration and light refreshments

9:00 AM  Opening Remarks

9:05 AM  Panel Presentation

Dr. Daniel Goffredo, Asst. Superintendent, Great Valley School District
Preston McKnight, Supervisor of Curriculum, Phoenixville School District
Dr. Lisa Andrejko, Superintendent, Quakertown Community School District
Ray Howanski, Asst. Director of Curriculum & Instruction, Ridley School District

  • What is Blended Learning?
  • What does it look like in your district?

10:05 AM  Small group discussions

10:30 AM Concurrent Session 1

Quakertown Community School District: A Systematic Approach to Blended Learning
Presented by: Dr. Lisa Andrejko, Superintendent

QCSD is in its fourth year of offering students a district sponsored K-12 cyber program. Courses are taught by QCSD teachers and integrate seamlessly with the face-to-face curriculum. Student may take all their courses, some of their courses, or none of their courses online. Learn about our program, the steps we took, and the success we have had as recognized by iNACOL, the Alliance for Excellent Education, Project Red, AASA, Tech and Learning Magazine, Michael Horn, and more.

Preparing to Go Hybrid: Our Year of Learning and Developing Courses for an Alternate Day Initiative
Presented by: Debbie Lugar, Technology Coordinator

Participate in discussion and demonstration related to: why the hybrid learning model, examples of pilot courses, and an overview of teacher training. Explore the philosophical perspective of online learning, the flipped classroom model, how to incorporate critical thinking, use of technologies, and course building using the Moodle LMS. Insights from two hybrid teachers will also be shared.

11:30 AM Lunch (included in registration fee)

12:30 PM Concurrent session 2

Blended Learning Implementation Guidance
Presented by: Dr. Gary Mattei, Dir. of Educational Services

Dr. Mattei describes Springfield School District’s founding of the Springfield Virtual Academy (SVA). Session includes discussion of all details: Student selection and support, parent support and feedback, interaction with SSD unionized staff, financial data, technology implementation, our version of blended learning using BVA & Rosetta Stone. We’ll hear all about the successes and trials of year one implementation.

Hybrid Learning in the Elementary Setting
Presented by: Kristin Dunlap, Hybrid Learning Coach

In this session, Kristin Dunlap introduces a discussion of the definition of Hybrid Learning and demonstrates the rotational model. Kristin also shows us what it is like to be a fourth grader at Hybrid Learning Elementary School. She provides hybrid learning coaching for three schools in Montgomery County who have adopted this model in the 2012-2013 school year.

1:30 PM Concurrent session 3

Engaging the 21st Century Learner through Collaboration, Inquiry, and Technology
Presented by: Michael Fuguet, Great Valley Middle School Science Teacher

In this session, Michael Fuguet demonstrates how teachers can use the power of collaboration, inquiry, and technology to positively impact student learning in the area of science. In addition, Michael shares pedagogical information explaining how the use of the “cloud: and inquiry based teaching and learning has increased student performance in heterogeneously grouped classes. Key variables will be identified that contributed to an exemplary learning environment for both teachers and students.

Additional Resource from CCIU for Online Storage of Files: OwnCloud:  – Learn More about OwnCloud  – OwnCloud Features

Perception vs. Reality: How Does an Online/Blended Environment Affect Student Achievement
Presented by: Dr. Melissa Butler

In a user-friendly format, this session presents research on whether students’ perceptions of the online and face-to-face delivery modes of instruction align with their actual academic achievement in each mode and offers concrete insights into how to make online and blended environments more engaging and fruitful for students. This session also makes recommendations about how to best approach moving from a traditional face-to-face learning environment to a blended/online-learning environment.

2:30 PM Small group discussion

2:50 PM Closing remarks

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